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Jon Jacobson, P.E.


After graduating Texas Tech with his civil engineering degree, Jon joined the McFadden & Miller team in 1977, having spent previous summer “vacations” working as a jobsite laborer. Realizing his potential was not being met in the field he began his office career as a draftsman, following the footsteps of older brother Mark, with one distinct difference….. he was an engineer.

Under his dad’s tutelage, Jon soon picked up the reigns from Jake as staff engineer for all McFadden & Miller projects, continuing the tradition of solid but efficient design. And while he is no longer a practicing engineer, his skills and experience allow him to partner with architects and engineers currently providing those services and provide the most cost-effective yet sound designs possible in today’s competitive market.

In 1986, the company underwent a major management overhaul and Jon became Vice President and Chief Project Manager. Since that time, he has re-defined McFadden & Miller’s traditional approach to PM, keeping the parts that worked and discarding those that didn’t. He is responsible for developing a rigid safety program as well as a manual of employee behavior. He has instituted an incentive program for field superintendents and foremen that has rendered huge rewards in terms of job safety, production, and quality.

Jon’s unique personality allows him to at once relate to owners’/ developers’ needs and desires, push the field work to meet schedules and budgets, and keep municipalities happy, not an easy balancing act!